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Progression in lifestyle choice.


Choosing the right foods to fuel your body is essential for having clean sustained energy.

Organic foods, canned, bulk, and small amounts of produce can go a long way.

Knowing how to finance, buying the goods and earning the keep that your brain and body need is an investment to nourish and grow.

Nutrition is the key to living a long and happy life.


Knowing what foods to eat and what the benefits and costs are, is just one thing Summit advocates for.

Knowing where the food comes from, and using recyclable bags to carry the hauls home, is just one tiny aspect to an entire supply chain that we'll be modeling.


Making time to discipline yourself to carefully rip apart your muscles to then recover and get stronger.

Having the financial credit to afford a gym membership, and prioritizing it as a way to work through aggression, and frustration is the way to inner peace.

Exercise can be done just about anywhere, running, squats, lunges, stairs, and so on. All contributing to burring calories to either go up or down in weight in proportion to the quality and volume of foods digested.

Learning to multi-task with smart phones on treadmills, and when it's not too busy in between sets. Keeping up to date across many applications, and Discord bubbles.

Most importantly, doing it for yourself. Challenge yourself, and wake up early.

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Inside the Vehicle Simulator Market stalls featured clothing from clothing designers.


3D Layered Clothing made for all sorts of tastes and styles.

Stand for something and express yourself with your fashion choices.

Do not doubt your shirt color, or your hat choice. There's no time for decision fatigue, wear what is comfortable, wear what works, and what looks good.

Freshen up and use non-aluminum deodorants, spray a dash of cologne and heighten your character's game.


 Discover buys across social medias, find featured brands to buy from.


Shop for practical, long lasting and durable socks, clothes, and shoes.

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Health at it's core is a summation of environmental, conditional, nutritional, and physical fitness as it is and makes up an individual's abilities, longevity, immunity and allows each and everyone of us our freedoms by will power and discipline.

Being healthy is a lifestyle and requires we understand the benefits and cons of anything we put in our body. Being scientific implies hypothesis and results are tied to a cause and effect relationship dynamic where data is analyzed and extrapolated to attribute mathematical functions and theories in proof of correlation.

That fact is based on an apparatus that can be tested and verified by anyone willing to repeat the scientific procedure.

That fact is not a belief or superstition set forth by some authority with influence to control fact by label without proof.

Health and wellness is a up and down part of aging where our choices and environments determine how we react to germs, disease, sickness and weapons.

I believe that a hippocratic oath taken by healthcare professionals supersedes any amount of money through bribery or incentive to follow an agenda that would otherwise discredit the scientific process through a kind of social hubris or psychological operation done through government collusion.

I believe that health is a right to every individual and that any healthcare professional will do anything in their power to see that all measures are taken properly according to their profession and ability to sense make in a world of unknowns. That a rigorous and regulatory body must ensure the authenticity of any fluid that may enter a patient's circulatory system be first tested at a small scale before experimented with certainty on a large scale verified by science.

That Robert H. Malone, the inventor of mRNA vaccine did not believe the apparatus ready for the general populous and that our freedoms were impeded by mandates and government over reach.

That natural immunity is at best the greatest way of preventing dismay from disease and that food is in itself a medicine when studied and supplied with the FDA where no harmful pesticides or chemicals or rot are sold at marketplaces.

I believe that in 2020, our rights were infringed upon by Anthony B. Fauci and Bill H. Gates with regulatory bodies that superseded the constitution by means of censorship and other facist doctrines to undermine our liberties and harm a percentage of the population while subverting our laws made by the people, set forth by policy voted in our legislature and that the courts were bribed and stolen from the American people, where our tax dollars were extorted and billionaires made from millions of suffering by economic and social conditioning set forth by a bought out media.

That I in my right to freedom of speech recognize 2020 as an attack on the global populous from a traditionally health centric system of regulations, that the C.D.C, W.H.O in correspondence with big governments saw through a plan that put everyone at risk while profiting off of sickness and death.

Where evidence points that Anthony B. Fauci green lit controversial gain of function research to a Laboratory in Wuhan, China and an otherwise dormant virus was leaked to the world which led to a disaster of over reach and controlling narratives. In that Bill H. Gates saw that the vaccines were the prominent and most profitable while alternative medicine was suppressed and lied about so the market share would make the largest return from our tax dollars.

That taxation without representation is theft and that these crooks need to be set on trial and testify before the Supreme Court. In that the evidence that the Bill Gates Foundation be investigated in with attempts of serialization of the African population prior to his Ted Talk on stage that unveiled an evil plot to depopulate the world by 15%.

Whereas I, a whistleblower of this corruption was hit in affect of their control and my rights continue to be tested by big technology as they are bribed and bought out and will also stand trial despite their attempts to coverup a mass genocide with control of misinformation and censorship of patriots and citizens alike.

Where history shows Rand H. Paul trailed Anthony B. Fauci and saw that lies and a similar 1980s plot to ensure safety and effectiveness was the leading cause of this attack on our freedoms and rights.

That to be Healthy is through fitness, exercise, diet and choice.

Please consider these statements as part of my personal beliefs in towards what happened in 2020 as fact from research and sideline observation from multiple media sources and outlets.

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