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Literally build the future

We have a number of positions at Summit Studios and are carefully expanding and training our amazing staff.

If this sounds like the perfect description of your work ethic, please get in touch with us and tell us how you can contribute to the team. Upon review, we’ll be happy to get in touch and schedule a virtual meeting to see if this is a good fit.


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Foggy Mountains

Game by Context

Cloudy Day

Environment Design

Human Resources

Summit Studios has studied and gathered resources to help ensure Developers are not overworking themselves, to the point of burnout. Our onboarding process will outline a pathway for you to support a home work environment that keeps your computer safe, and connects you with a network of talented Developers.

Our HR team is gearing up to take on Roblox's best talent.

Game Development from Principle

When we develop our games we do so from a first principles method. Identifying what the problems and reasoning are for the root of what makes up the functional  aspects.


We'll be tackling a representational model that seeks to understand the core nature of  reality and bridges mechanical gameplay with an over arching aesthetic that connects them together throughout the metaverse. There is never a shortage of tasks that we are working on.

Sustainable Development

The power of video games is pretty incredible, we as developers have the pleasure of creating these worlds where millions of kids play and learn.

It is then our obligation to take up some of the climate and civil designs to research and implement new technologies that help accelerate the publics awareness and get people of all ages inspired about a future that is both rooted in sustainability but also inspiring to look at.


Create quality games that inspire and innovate.

The games under Summit are apart of a larger mission to make things in a way that seeks to entertain, teach, and build plans out into the real world.


Imagine a planet of happy, healthy beings living in correspondence with Nature.

Touch the lives of millions through video games, sound, and music to help influence children to make better decisions.


In the present moment, we all determine where our intentions go and what follows.

Passionate game development is done for impact and expression.

Come experience Summit Studios Games.


Developer Forum

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