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Object Orientated Learning


Creative Courses

Introductory Metaverse Philosophy

This is a required introductory course to learn about the basics of the metaverse.

Replication & Domain

It is inevitable that people would like to replicate The Summit Studios Production Process for their own best interests. Learn how replication can be done with domain licensing plans.

Project Frameworks

Import and Export Intelligence for quick and effective planning.

Custom fit to provide tasks in a carefully chosen template that fits all the requirements of the given project.

Essential Controls Guide

Account Ownership & Permissions

The Accounts set by default are restricted for administrator use, learn what the duties are and gain credentials for accessibility and permission settings according to standard operating procedure.

Contextual Rendering

Learn how to scale and place metadata for project orientation and gig based projects and teams.



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McKale Olson

Roblox Education opens up infinite potential for the imagination of millions, all from the comfort of your own home, allowing more time for discipline.

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Donald Bruyure

The Metaverse Economy allows for cultural clusters that allow people to reach out and find or exchange value between themselves.

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Aaron Eden


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