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Community Moderator Application

  • 5Days
  • 26Steps
Everyone who has completed all steps in the program will get a badge.


This program is developed to inform, train, and rank moderators to your respective qualifications. The program is straight forward and provides guidebooks and instruction on how to moderate and what to look out for. It prioritizes cyber security based on intent to moderate, where moderators are expected to not abuse their power by removing, kicking, or unnecessarily banning members from the servers. The program's badge is granted after completion of this course with some key checkpoints before the powers are bestowed on Reddit, Discord, and Guilded respectively in ascendence of importance and severity. Program Benefits: Grants powers to moderation specialized channels to self govern by means of warnings, flags, and grants special bot commands that enable the staff the abilities necessary to regulate the community members. Program is timely as are situations that develop online. Therefore in this course we also instruct basics, use cases, and present an equal floor across applications to prevent targeted harassment, and cyber bullying. Program is crowdsourced, and ran by self elected representatives whom can initiate, lead and end a conversation to present information in a cohesive manner that conveys intelligence and directive. Moderators successfully onboarded to the website, and actively show presence, and logs with supporting information that indicates peaceful negotiations, are then apart of a system that presents XP levels to participating members for payroll.

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Coop Setup Payment, $10.00

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Internet Safety

Internet Safety

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