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Experience the ultimate Developer Onboarding Experience ever.


Download the Mind Map Template and bear witness the awesome powers of Roblox Studio with Mind Mapping techniques built right in.


Login and explore this incredibly powerful but simple place.


Open the editor in Studio, and read into why things are the way they are.


Begin to comprehend the various levels of detail and how position, color, and intuition give way to the realization of what could be from simple concepts.


Build on to this mind map to gain experience, as to what you can add on to pre-existing material.


Find important parts, lock them to protect them from the multiplayer elements and click through to the link at the core of the instance's identity.


Saturate yourself in the numerous actions and amount of freetime it took to completely evolve past preconcieved notions, and break through to new levels of consciouness.


This is the metaverse's fundamental tool of choice where anyone can label anything and understand reality.

Mind Map Template

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